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War thunder daily rewards reset

Add a second Spell Factory.
Other Buildings Related Prison, use cage to capture up to fifty housing spaces of troops from enemies to use for later battles/defenses.
140-159: 1,500 monsters.
All players' rings in their inventory have been adjusted to reflect the intended stats for the weapon.Fixed an error with the Sacrosanctity skill effect being visible even after the skill was finished.Log in each day and accept the Attendance Check event through the star notifier on the left side of the screen.Remove/Reduce Town Hall loot penalty on revenges - will make soap deals online original attacker pick more wisely.

Each day's attendance check resets at midnight UTC.
Each stamp grants bonuses to your stats!
Add a pause button to the replays.
An issue where NPC Huey showed up in the wrong location during the quest 'Investigating the Package' will be fixed so he pch sweepstakes 10000 a week for life does not overlap with NPC Blair.Spitfire UTC: March 14 at 12:00 AM March 27 at 11:59 PM Requirement:.The 6th Angel appears in Omega Sector.When it turns into a troop and dies, it remains as the original form for the remainder of the battle.Use Gems to make a defensive structure more powerful during defenses (e.g.Queue troop donation notices when offline display when back online or new interface to see info after Show total training time left above barracks Show total elixir costs of troops sitting in army camps 5x or 10x button in troop training screens for faster queuing.An issue where NPC Spindle was still referencing MapleStory TCG will be fixed.The quest 'Stellar Detectives A Space-Gun for Hire' has changed from collecting 200 Valuable Loot to 20 Valuable Loot.

Several items have been removed from NPC Faito's rewards.