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Why did the greeks win the battle of salamis

From there comes the above-mentioned", which is used when someone breaks ranks before battle.
He then led them into Central Greece, through Phthia, the legendary homeland of Achilles, and into Malis, where myth had it that Heracles spent his last years.
While some of the Spartans exercised naked, others jcpenney black friday rebates combed their hair.
Leonidas head was a reminder that the butchers bill for the three days of killing four thousand Greeks (the others escaped) was twenty thousand Persians.5759 a b c d e f g h Holland,.At sunrise, back at the western end of the Thermopylae pass, Xerxes carried out libations.22 23 Aristagoras then appealed to the states of mainland Greece for support, but only Athens and Eretria offered to send troops.Now the Persians sought to settle the score.51 In Herodotus's account, Miltiades is keen to attack the Persians (despite knowing that the Spartans are coming to aid the Athenians but strangely, chooses to wait until his actual day of command to attack.It was better to try to stop Persia there than at the gates of Athens.Xerxes had learned how high the price of victory would be, if he could pay it at all.This tactic succeeded, but the Spartan King, Cleomenes I, returned at the request of Isagoras and so Cleisthenes, the Alcmaeonids and other prominent Athenian families were exiled from Athens.

Ionian Revolt, when Athens and, eretria had sent a force to support the cities.
When their swords were gone, they went after the Persians with hands and teeth.
No doubt he was hoping that the Greeks would retreat in fear.
He told Xerxes that Sparta had eight thousand soldiers, all as good as the men who had fought at Thermopylae.
And then the Persian did president clinton win the popular vote attack came.He reinforced his flanks, luring the Persians' best fighters into his center.52 The first theory is that the Persian cavalry left Marathon for an unspecified reason, and that the Greeks moved to take advantage of this by attacking.For the poem, see, the Battle of Marathon: A Poem.As soon as the Persians realized that Greeks blocked their way, they worried over having stumbled into the much-feared Spartans.Darius then began raising a huge new army with which he meant to completely subjugate Greece; however, in 486 BC, his Egyptian subjects revolted, indefinitely postponing any Greek expedition.54 The Persian strategy, on the other hand, was probably principally determined by tactical considerations.Meanwhile, the news came to the Greeks below, at the Middle Gate.Alexander won this battle by achieving minute successes that contributed to his overall success.

The story is so improbable that it might be true.
67 a b Herodotus VI, 112 Plutarch, Aristides, V Herodotus VI, 111 Lazenby,.